Welcome to our blog!

Okay, I have never blogged before. So here goes…..

Nici likes to think that she drags me into her “crazy” ideas, but she doesn’t. She has these (not crazy to me) ideas and I jump on her band wagon. Sometimes I run behind it yelling “Wait for me!”. Because life can get dull if you don’t try new things or shake it up every now and again.

Nici and I met 4 1/2 years ago at a group camp out (of all places) and hit it off fantastically! (Boy, does it feel like we have known each-other longer tho!) Now this may not seem out of the ordinary but it was very out of character for me. I tend to be the type of person who gets along with most everyone but I don’t usually let people in. Oh, I am great at conversations and chit chat and sharing stuff. But actually letting them “in”? Not so much. (Though most don’t realize this.)  She’s my kind of crazy. We became best friends and sisters of the heart.

So, this blog is Nici’s idea. And what a awesome idea it is. We are both on a weight loss journey with the help of Weight Watchers and each-other.  What a great way to stay accountable, with ourselves, each-other and you all.

So, a little back story for ya: I have been overweight for a long long time. When I was in high school my weight wasn’t too bad, even though I thought I was fat then. Looking back at the pictures I wasn’t even close to being fat. I might have had a extra 15-25 (depending on the year) of pounds on me. But I was very self concious and thought I was fat. I was okay with that though.

When I got pregnant with my son, in my early 20’s, I gained 60 pounds! After the birth of my daughter (which I did not gain any weight with) my mom told me she was really concerned about my weight. She offered to pay for me to join Weight watchers, so I did join. I ended up loosing  a little more then 50 pounds. Even making it down to the weight I was before I got pregnant with my son. Then I got tired of it and quit. I would like to say more about it but there is no excuse. I just quit. And like to be expected, old habits started creeping back. Before I knew it I was fat again. And I have been that way for years…. until….

One day, in January of this year,  I decided to (for who knows why, curiousity maybe) step on the scale. I was at the highest weight I have ever been. 269 pounds. Disgusted with myself and my appearance. I didn’t feel attractive, and hadn’t in a very long time. Things were downhill for me. I didn’t see how my husband (wonderful guy that he is) could be attracted to me.I felt self concious, my self esteem had dwindled to very little and my confidence was near non existent. I needed to do something, needed to take back my life.

I got online and joined Weight Watchers again. Found a local meeting for the group and signed myself up. Because I am the person, I need that accountability that meetings seem to have for me.

That was January 27 of this year.

Since then I have lost 21 pounds! As my weight decreases my confidence increases. Some days are really hard and all I want to do is eat all day… but I don’t. I keep telling myself that “the taste is not going to last as long as the fat will”.

Portion control is my big thing. I usually eat good stuff/healthy stuff. I love the taste of food. So if it tastes good I eat bigger portions. Or I should say I ate bigger portions. I am working really hard on changing that for good.

One meal at a time.

I hope by keeping up with this blog my journey or Nici’s journey will help inspire others to find the courage to start on their own way.


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