The long awaited bike

Its been near 13 years (and 100 pounds) since I have owned and ridden a bike.

For years I have been wanting a bicycle. But I have always found more pressing uses for the money; cars needed fixing, kids needed new clothes, kids beds needed new mattresses…. and so on and so forth.

As I my wish for a bike kept getting pushed off until later the type of bike I wanted changed. At first I was looking at a mountain bike, then a hybrid. Then I thought maybe (due to my weight) I would have a hard time balancing on two wheels, now. So, I started looking into adult tricycles. I wouldn’t have to worry about balance or tipping over. I happen to have a friend who was selling their adult tricycle, so I was able to take it for a test ride. Nope. That is not what I wanted. While it is true that I would not have to balance riding one, I also had a harder time turning it (due to the 2 wheels in the back). So back to looking at different types of bikes. Then, talking to Nici one day she mentioned that she had gotten a new bike. A Raleigh Venture. She said she loved this bike and sent me a link to check it out. I did and decided that I liked it too. That is the bike I wanted.

Even though I now knew what kind of bike I really wanted there was the matter of money still. This bike is more expensive then the others I had looked at. And I still had the issue of finding other things I felt I could better spend the money on, for the family. So, I put it off for several more months (after all what am I suppose to do with it in the midwest in winter? Or so I asked myself).

My desire for a bike finally came back to pester me a week ago (never really went away, I just ignored it). I decided this year is going to be more about me and my health (and hubby agreed). I decided its okay to do something for myself this year and that sometimes I need to come first. We packed everyone into my little car and drove the hour into the big city, to the bike store. (I had previously called them and knew they had the bike I was looking for.) The experience was great. There were no high pressure sales and I was able to try out a couple different bikes. After sitting on a couple different sizes (small and medium frames) we decided the medium frame bike would work better for me.

After purchasing the bike and a snazzy pink helmet, we just needed to figure out how to get my new purchase home. Would it fit in my trunk? The hubby says yes, but I had my doubts (we have a small 2 door ford probe.. enough said). Luckily my new bike comes apart really easily. We took it all apart and were able to get it to fit (just).

I was a little disappointed when we got home and the light was so dim it was near dark. There would be no riding of my bike that day. But that was okay. I guess I could wait another day to ride my bike, I had waited that long to get it in the first place.

The next day was chilly and not quite windy out. Dang it all I was gonna ride anyways! So I got the bike out from the garage and strapped on my new bike helmet. I was nervous that I would loose my balance and fall right away. But I didn’t. Yes, I was wobbly on it. I mean, it had been 13 years since I last rode. I didn’t ride for long but I did ride around a 4 block section and a bit more. Okay, so  to be honest, part of the time I was walking the bike and part of the time I wasn’t peddling. Did I mention that I live in a town that is mostly hills? Some of them really BIG hills. So you are either gong UP hill or down hill. I tried to make it up the hill on my new bike. But only made it about halfway up before I couldn’t peddle anymore. Downhill was great but the bike would go so fast and peddling made it go even faster, so I ended up gliding and not peddling. My bad knee started getting very weak, as well. To the point that I wasn’t sure if it would even hold me up if I were to take a step (long story about the knee, maybe for another blog sometime). Even with the issues; hills and my body fighting me; I couldn’t stop smiling.

This was just yesterday. Today I was way too busy to get the bike out for a ride. But you better believe tomorrow I plan to go for a ride again. Even if it is just a little ride. T
he more I practice the better I will get.




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