About Us

Hi, Jill is off hiding in Iowa some place, but I am Nicole. We are two friends who have grown to be sisters. Strange situations led to us meeting, proving yet again the universe does what she chooses. 

This blog isn’t about that, now I’m sure you will find that these story’s will come out one by one. Just give it time.

What this is about is simple. Jill and I are fat. We are not fluffy, plump, curvy, plus size, thick, or phat. We are obese. I know for fact that we are morbidly obese. 

What we are not:

We are not numbers.

We are not disgusting.

We are not lazy.

We are not judgmental.

We are not quitters

What we are:

We are part of a horrible epidemic.

We are mothers.

We are caring.

We are busy.

We are shrinking.
There are plenty more things that we are and that we are not. Why not come along with us and see where our adventure leads?