I have a neck

So I didn’t know that I didn’t have a freaking neck….


The long awaited bike

Its been near 13 years (and 100 pounds) since I have owned and ridden a bike.

For years I have been wanting a bicycle. But I have always found more pressing uses for the money; cars needed fixing, kids needed new clothes, kids beds needed new mattresses…. and so on and so forth.

As I my wish for a bike kept getting pushed off until later the type of bike I wanted changed. At first I was looking at a mountain bike, then a hybrid. Then I thought maybe (due to my weight) I would have a hard time balancing on two wheels, now. So, I started looking into adult tricycles. I wouldn’t have to worry about balance or tipping over. I happen to have a friend who was selling their adult tricycle, so I was able to take it for a test ride. Nope. That is not what I wanted. While it is true that I would not have to balance riding one, I also had a harder time turning it (due to the 2 wheels in the back). So back to looking at different types of bikes. Then, talking to Nici one day she mentioned that she had gotten a new bike. A Raleigh Venture. She said she loved this bike and sent me a link to check it out. I did and decided that I liked it too. That is the bike I wanted.

Even though I now knew what kind of bike I really wanted there was the matter of money still. This bike is more expensive then the others I had looked at. And I still had the issue of finding other things I felt I could better spend the money on, for the family. So, I put it off for several more months (after all what am I suppose to do with it in the midwest in winter? Or so I asked myself).

My desire for a bike finally came back to pester me a week ago (never really went away, I just ignored it). I decided this year is going to be more about me and my health (and hubby agreed). I decided its okay to do something for myself this year and that sometimes I need to come first. We packed everyone into my little car and drove the hour into the big city, to the bike store. (I had previously called them and knew they had the bike I was looking for.) The experience was great. There were no high pressure sales and I was able to try out a couple different bikes. After sitting on a couple different sizes (small and medium frames) we decided the medium frame bike would work better for me.

After purchasing the bike and a snazzy pink helmet, we just needed to figure out how to get my new purchase home. Would it fit in my trunk? The hubby says yes, but I had my doubts (we have a small 2 door ford probe.. enough said). Luckily my new bike comes apart really easily. We took it all apart and were able to get it to fit (just).

I was a little disappointed when we got home and the light was so dim it was near dark. There would be no riding of my bike that day. But that was okay. I guess I could wait another day to ride my bike, I had waited that long to get it in the first place.

The next day was chilly and not quite windy out. Dang it all I was gonna ride anyways! So I got the bike out from the garage and strapped on my new bike helmet. I was nervous that I would loose my balance and fall right away. But I didn’t. Yes, I was wobbly on it. I mean, it had been 13 years since I last rode. I didn’t ride for long but I did ride around a 4 block section and a bit more. Okay, so  to be honest, part of the time I was walking the bike and part of the time I wasn’t peddling. Did I mention that I live in a town that is mostly hills? Some of them really BIG hills. So you are either gong UP hill or down hill. I tried to make it up the hill on my new bike. But only made it about halfway up before I couldn’t peddle anymore. Downhill was great but the bike would go so fast and peddling made it go even faster, so I ended up gliding and not peddling. My bad knee started getting very weak, as well. To the point that I wasn’t sure if it would even hold me up if I were to take a step (long story about the knee, maybe for another blog sometime). Even with the issues; hills and my body fighting me; I couldn’t stop smiling.

This was just yesterday. Today I was way too busy to get the bike out for a ride. But you better believe tomorrow I plan to go for a ride again. Even if it is just a little ride. T
he more I practice the better I will get.




Welcome to our blog!

Okay, I have never blogged before. So here goes…..

Nici likes to think that she drags me into her “crazy” ideas, but she doesn’t. She has these (not crazy to me) ideas and I jump on her band wagon. Sometimes I run behind it yelling “Wait for me!”. Because life can get dull if you don’t try new things or shake it up every now and again.

Nici and I met 4 1/2 years ago at a group camp out (of all places) and hit it off fantastically! (Boy, does it feel like we have known each-other longer tho!) Now this may not seem out of the ordinary but it was very out of character for me. I tend to be the type of person who gets along with most everyone but I don’t usually let people in. Oh, I am great at conversations and chit chat and sharing stuff. But actually letting them “in”? Not so much. (Though most don’t realize this.)  She’s my kind of crazy. We became best friends and sisters of the heart.

So, this blog is Nici’s idea. And what a awesome idea it is. We are both on a weight loss journey with the help of Weight Watchers and each-other.  What a great way to stay accountable, with ourselves, each-other and you all.

So, a little back story for ya: I have been overweight for a long long time. When I was in high school my weight wasn’t too bad, even though I thought I was fat then. Looking back at the pictures I wasn’t even close to being fat. I might have had a extra 15-25 (depending on the year) of pounds on me. But I was very self concious and thought I was fat. I was okay with that though.

When I got pregnant with my son, in my early 20’s, I gained 60 pounds! After the birth of my daughter (which I did not gain any weight with) my mom told me she was really concerned about my weight. She offered to pay for me to join Weight watchers, so I did join. I ended up loosing  a little more then 50 pounds. Even making it down to the weight I was before I got pregnant with my son. Then I got tired of it and quit. I would like to say more about it but there is no excuse. I just quit. And like to be expected, old habits started creeping back. Before I knew it I was fat again. And I have been that way for years…. until….

One day, in January of this year,  I decided to (for who knows why, curiousity maybe) step on the scale. I was at the highest weight I have ever been. 269 pounds. Disgusted with myself and my appearance. I didn’t feel attractive, and hadn’t in a very long time. Things were downhill for me. I didn’t see how my husband (wonderful guy that he is) could be attracted to me.I felt self concious, my self esteem had dwindled to very little and my confidence was near non existent. I needed to do something, needed to take back my life.

I got online and joined Weight Watchers again. Found a local meeting for the group and signed myself up. Because I am the person, I need that accountability that meetings seem to have for me.

That was January 27 of this year.

Since then I have lost 21 pounds! As my weight decreases my confidence increases. Some days are really hard and all I want to do is eat all day… but I don’t. I keep telling myself that “the taste is not going to last as long as the fat will”.

Portion control is my big thing. I usually eat good stuff/healthy stuff. I love the taste of food. So if it tastes good I eat bigger portions. Or I should say I ate bigger portions. I am working really hard on changing that for good.

One meal at a time.

I hope by keeping up with this blog my journey or Nici’s journey will help inspire others to find the courage to start on their own way.


This is my grand idea, I have once again dragged Jill into one of my crazy ideas. Part of this blog is for you. (Yes, I know that we don’t know you. So rectify that  leave a comment or email us. We would like to know you.) Part of this is for us.

So that we are accountable to each other, ourselves,our friends, our families. Now to you as well.

We are on weight watchers. Learning how to free ourselves.

I joined WW in July 2016. I didn’t know what I was doing. I basically went diving into the deep end without knowing how to swim. I did great for about a month. Then money got tight and pasta is cheap. Veggies were not so cheap. I’m sure you have been there.

I was eating wrong,  very wrong. Nothing to horrible in the S.A.D. Diet that Americans are known for. I didn’t constantly have food in my mouth i didn’t eat four burgers in a meal or have full meals every 3 hours.

Nope, I drank earl grey or coffee in the mornings. The tea loaded with sugar. My coffee with milk and sugar. Two, three, five cups a day. I didn’t think a thing about it. I only ate at dinner time.

Our evening meal is important to me. I cook from scratch. No tv or electronics at the table. We eat together like a family blah blah blah.

I was so starved for substance by the time 6:30pm rolled around that I would eat. I would eat seconds, occasionally thirds, but it was the only meal I ate. Sure there were vegetables, usually loaded down with salted butter. Please don’t forget the starchy side. Can we say shells and cheese, french fries, stuffing, mashed or fried potatoes.

Yeah, sounds like a shit ton of excuses doesn’t it.

So I joined weight waters online on a whim. Tracked everything. I got discouraged. I was seeing results. I lost 30lbs in a snap.  I wasn’t trying to  make necessity changes I was trying to fit my horrible diet into workable points.


I was starving. By noon I was out of points. At that time I had 42 points a day. My tea, my precious link to life; ate my points before I had a chance to.

Did I try an sugar alternative, no those are for people with diabetes, I will just stop cold turkey after years, YEARS of super loading drinks with sugar. At least it wasn’t pop right?

In retrospect I was a dumb ass! Who was I to admit I had a problem.

I didn’t have a problem not at all. Not  me, I’m to smart for that. I know better. I know how to lose weight. Eat less move more. 

I wish someone would have hit me with a wake up call. Never mind that addiction is rampant in my family. Forget that the majority of my mom’s family is diabetic including HER.


I couldn’t make my food fit into my tracking without lying to myself. Well, that’s not a comfortable thing for anyone to face.

So a decision had to be made. Continue lying to myself or face the facts. I tried to lie to myself for  two more months. I tried to lie to my weight watchers tracker, but the damn thing was always there. It knows no bake cookies don’t have 3 points. They are sugar and fat. They are about 8 points. And I  would only track 3 points anyhow.

About the time thanksgiving rolled around I gave up. Done no more tracking. But I didnt cancel my membership. I didn’t delete the nagging little accountability buddy of an app. Instead it mocked me. It torched my soul.

I spoke about my days working smart points correctly like it was my childhood. Long gone. Jill told me how they worked for her before her life fell apart, she enjoyed it a lot.

I liked seeing the numbers dropping, but i was so freaking hungry because I still only ate once a day and stuffed myself.

Whatever! I can do it. Sign up again the e-mail beckoned to me. That’s exactly what I did. Sure my weight started to reduce. Then I realized I wasn’t lying about my sugar. Or trying to live off of watermelon, (though this may be a recurring summer thing 😂😂)

Guess what. That was a month ago. So starting today I am the lowest weight I have been in at least five years.

I weigh 252.2

My heaviest weight was 298. I’m positive i had stepped in to the world of 3s a few times. My weight was never just packing on the pounds.it was a mix of horrible eating, having babies and just not knowing or doing better.

I know better. I’m doing better. My favorite quote lately has been

“Food can be the best medicine or the slowest poison”

Ding ding ding. The bells went off, the light lit up, the lab rat got it’s reward.

So I am trying to do better. No, I am doing better.

A blogger named  Holly from www.300poundsdown.com wrote a great article that hit me hard. Ok then.. you will. So I am.

I’m learning and I will share that with you. That simple mantra really gets me through some rough days.

38 smartpoints a day.